Your Smartphone and the Accessories

Cellular is not a less-important need anymore. In this modern era, people think that cellular is one of the primer needs.

With cellular, you can communicate with anyone, anytime and anywhere you want. Cellular helps people to communicate with each other easily.


However, the function of cellular changes as time goes by. These days, the cell phone has several functions besides to communicate.

A cell phone can be used as a camera, MP3 player, video and sound recorder, and to play games too.

You can even read an e-book or learn many things from your cell phone, as long as it is connected to the internet! With a smartphone, you can also have a video call and send a message to your friends and families who live outside the country without even paying.

Internet and smartphone make a good partner. Now cellphone is part of the human lifestyle. It is hard to live without a cellphone now.

What Accessories Do You Have for Your Cellphone?

What kind of cell phone do you have? Smartphone? Or an ordinary phone that cannot be connected to the internet?

Many people have a smartphone these days. More and more phone companies produce smartphones at low prices.

Mini USB to HDMI

If you talk about the smartphone, it is hard not to talk about the accessories. There are many smartphone accessories that you can find on the market.

Some of them are an external memory, external battery, USB cable, Mini USB to HDMI cable, etc.

Those are some accessories that are used the most and recently. External memory is for people who like to save any data and application in their phone.

Almost everyone who has a smartphone has an external battery. This accessory is vital because if you connect your smartphone with the internet, it will drain the battery quickly.

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USB cable helps you to move the data from your phone t your computer.

The last is Mini USB to HDMI cable is to connect your phone with your PC.

With this cable, you can see your phone data on your PC.

Why Mini USB to HDMI Cable?

Why do you need to connect your phone with your computer (PC)? What benefits will you get from it? If you do not know, there are several good benefits that you can get from connecting your smartphone to PC with Mini USB to HDMI cable.

Sometimes people think that the phone screen is too small, and to send a text message is a little bit difficult with a touchscreen phone, especially if you have big fingers.

Digital Camera to TV

If you connect your phone to PC, you will see the bigger display, and you can write a message from your computer’s keyboard.

It makes you can send all you songs or playlist from your phone to your computer. You can even have the backup of data from your phone on your PC.

Do not forget about the internet connection in a smartphone. If there is no internet signal at home, you can use your phone as the source of internet signal if you connect your phone to your PC.

Therefore, this HDMI cable is quite important. You can see data, photos, and video from your phone on your PC’s screen.

You can see it clearly with good quality picture and audio. Also, the price of this HDMI cable is not expensive at all.

HDMI To Mini USB to Connect Your Android and Digital Camera to TV

Ten years ago, there were not any children who played games on iPad, Tablet, or Android phone. There were not those kinds of things ten years ago.

However, now you can see a 5-year-old boy with his iPad, playing games for hours. Because of iPad and Tablet too, the popularity of Play Station and XBOX is decreasing.

Technology always improves as time passes by. Ten years ago, people did not know about an Android phone.

Now some so many people have an Android phone. Android phones offer many applications that can help you.

You only need an internet connection to make your Android phone works well. You can take good photos and video.

Recently, many people ask the same question. The question is: “Can we connect Android or camera to TV?”.

How to Connect Android with TV

For the first step, you have to know what kind of Android phone that can be connected to TV using HDMI To Mini USB.

Connect Android with TV

Some Android phones that have HDMI out port are Sony Xperia S, LG Optimus 2x, LG, Optimus 3D P920, Motorola RAZR HD XT925. You will need HDMI cable Type A at one end and Type D connector at another end.

Before you connect your phone to your TV, make sure that your TV is categorized as a new series or model.

You cannot connect 10-year-old TV with your Android phone, because old TV does not have HDMI port. After that, turn off your TV before you proceed to the next step.

After you connect your phone with TV, switch on the TV and use the remote control to change to the HDMI channel.

Therefore, HDMI To Mini USB here has the role as a bridge that connects your phone to your TV. You can also play games, video, and photo slide from your phone.

Once you connect your phone with TV, you can change your small screen phone into a bigger TV screen.

You will feel satisfied with good quality picture and audio that you can get from HDMI cable. You also do not need several wires.

With HDMI cable, you only need one cable…

HDMI Cable for Digital Camera

Android with TVThere are more and more people who use a digital camera these days.

It is because it is straightforward to operate and the price is not that high. Watching your photos on the big TV screen with your family can be frustrating if you do not know the tools that you need and how to connect your camera to the TV.

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To connect the camera to TV can be tricky. However, you can use HDMI To Mini USB to connect your camera to the TV.

You need to know that not all camera has an HDMI connector. In this case, you will need “USB only cable” or “USB to A/V cable.”

Turn off the camera before you connect it with TV. If the cable already appropriately connected, press the “playback” button on your camera.

The most important information is that the battery of the camera will drain quickly. Therefore, it is better if you use AC adaptor and connect it to your camera.

You do not want in the middle of playing the photos; your camera runs out of battery.